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    1. The following conditions or terms of sale will apply to all quotations, contracts or Invoices of sale from JNF. Any other terms set by the client, unless explicitly recognized by writing from JNF must be  considered invalid.
    2. Prices
      All prices quoted in this price list should be considered as indicative quotations, the final prices should be confirmed by the JNF in order to avoid any printing errors or any modification of quotations generated for reasons unrelated to our company, such as major fluctuations in the cost of raw materials , energy, exchange rate fluctuations, production costs, etc.. For the above reasons, the prices may be changed at any time. In case of budgeting, the date of validity of our offer should be considered. The indicated prices do not include the VAT that must be applied at all the transitions made in Portuguese territories .
    3. Transportation
      The goods are considered at our warehouse (EXW), consecutively all risks pass to the customer after delivery of goods to the forwarder agent.
    4. Delivery time of orders
      Delivery times are provided as a foreseeable information and cannot be considered binding contract. The company will perform all the suitable management in order to meet the delivery time date. However the time may be extended by many factors that are beyond us, particularly related to subcontractors, suppliers of raw materials, transportation delays, production problems, etc.. Thus, in case of failure of the provided delivery time, our company does not accept any claim for damages related to delay to supply the goods.  If the expected delivery date is extended for more than two weeks, we reserve the right to inform the customer about the incident giving him the chance to decide whether or not the request for cancellation or substitution for the similar product.
    5. Special orders
      All requests for special products must be followed to our company by writing, our company will issue the correspondent budget and must be accepted by the client on condition that no further cancellation can be made. It is understood by special products, those that have been done by client’s instruction creating purposive execution, following measurements, quantities, finishes, combinations, packaging, trademarks, or other made specifically for an application. You may be asked to pay a deposit as a order confirmation. No returns will be accepted on special orders or for products manufactured by the special measure.
    6. Complaints
      All complaints must be submitted without delay upon receipt of merchandise. Complaints about irregularities in quantities must be informed no later than 5 working days after receipt of goods. Complaints about irregularities in the quantity of received packages or damage of packing shall be made immediately to carrier agent upon delivery of the consignment. Complaints about manufacturing defects or irregularities are operating under the general conditions of Warranty.
    7. Warranty
      The JNF company guarantee an after sales support service which will ensure compliance with the contract within the period of two years following receipt of the goods in case of mobile products and five years for stationary products. It’s Excluded from the guarantee where the damage resulted from improper use, or misuse, improper installation, misuse, transport damage, no accredited technical intervention, painting or finishing on the materials, use of not suitable chemicals , lack of regular maintenance. The lack of conformity of the product must be notified in writing as soon as possible after detection of the same, together with information concerning purchase documentation.

      Should be given the opportunity to check and detect the presence of the reported anomaly . It is considered a defective product when it does not provide safety and appropriated expected function, taking into account various circumstances, including their presentation, the use that can reasonably be made and the time of its entry into service.

      It is not considered a defective product if later was placed in the market one version upgraded or more advanced . In case of a finding of defective product , the consumer have the right of replacement of the product in question by repair or replacement with similar or possibly superior product, a appropriate price reduction or termination of the contract. The manufacturer may oppose the exercise of user rights if It’s proved that the state of the technique , when the product was placed into circulation, did not reveal the existence of the defect.
    8. Suitability of the product
      All the information’s concerning our products provided by our catalogs or other documents, should be considered purely informative, representing approximate values usually accepted in the industry. A decision and analysis on the suitability of the product to be used in particular situation must be made by the client. Our technical staff can give their opinion on each situation regarding the suitability of particular products.
    9. Returns or devolutions
      All requests for return of goods must be made by writing to our company. All returns must obtain our prior written premises. In situations where the return of goods has been caused by error attributable to the customer expenses will be charged for repackaging and re-storage of goods which amounted to a minimum of 20% of the value of the goods.
    10. Quantities
      We reserve the right to adjust the quantity of the received orders to comply with the quantity of product per box.
    11. Minimum order amount
      For export markets the minimum order amount It’s fixed in 1.000,00€ net. For orders bellow to this amount a surcharge of 50,00 € net will be aplied as a handling, packing and administrative charges .
    12. Payment conditions
      All credit operations must obtain authorization from credit insurance company. The maximum credit will be defined by our services. The current terms of payment are:
      a) Cash on delivery of the goods with a discount of 4%
      b) 30 days from invoice date with 2% discount
      c) 60 days from invoice date with no additional discount.
      d) In case of delay in payment over than 60 days, our company reserves the right to suspend deliveries.
      e) Above 60 days we reserve the right to charge interest at the statutory rate.
    13. Reserve of property
      Until complete settlement of debts of open invoices, we reserve the right to ownership of the supplied goods .
    14. Conditions of sale for professional distributors
      Our conditions of sale for the professional wholesale distributors It’s available and will be provided by our services upon request.
    15. Litigation
      In case of dispute the Jurisdiction is the Court of Gondomar, Portugal.
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